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About looking in someone’s eyes

Well, I guess a more proper picture makes it worthy republishing.
Sorry for the lack of creativity… I, I just… nah, forget it… … (sigh).

Anyone's eyeI remember the feeling, of looking in your eyes. While you were looking into mine.
Lights were pale, we inhaled only smoke and no air.
Still, we were there.
I saw inside of you. I’ve been there, in the immensitude of your eyes. I felt lost in an infinite sea. Lost, but never afraid. Something insistently kept me from drowning. For the first time.
And you’ve been here. You’ve stepped in a room that didn’t even exist. You knocked on a door, completely forgotten within shadow and darkness.
Blew the dust away, and found someone.
Someone who never had a face. Until then.
It was… you.
And in your eyes, a tiny version of me. And in my eyes, a tiny version of you.


Well, the woman can sing… !

This is more like a Youtube test I’m performing for what’s coming up on the next few days. I’ve had a few (crazy as usual) ideas, let’s see what happens.

Oh, yeah, returning to the topic: she may be hated in France, she may have a strange past (and present) but oh my oh my, the woman can sing… and she’s so beautiful… poor monsieur Sarkozy, like he had a chance. It’s very intrigating, the miracles that EuroDisney can pull from time to time. No words…

A tiny spoiler: I feel like… singing??? Hope you have health insurance (with psychiatric coverage). You’ve been warned.