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Chasing the flame

Schedule is tightening up for important stuff, and I’m getting lazier by the hour, to do them. This makes me feel confused and strange, and sorry for not being in the mood to play any music at all… like I sort of promised.

Well, as time is not an issue, these days I finally paid an outrageous amount of money for a book, after ages waiting for it to come out translated: it just took too long, and I bought it in English.

Chasing the flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the fight to save the world is a biography written by the awarded journalist Samantha Power. She had the opportunity to meet the man who would very, very probably be Kofi Annan’s substitute.

I haven’t read much yet (go back to the first paragraph to know why), but this is a book I’ll surely read to the end. Soon.

For some time already, this inexplicable curiosity and admiration and delight about diplomacy has awaken inside of me. I can’t tell what the hell does this mean, as I can’t really explain what on Earth is going on: I’m terrible with words.

But I really want to learn more about the life of someone who’s been said to be one of the most charismatic, pragmatic and passionate diplomats of all time. Someone who’s seen the worst and the best of the world, and never felt satisfied with hipocrisy, lies or, unfortunately, just vicious will.

Sometimes one person can change something. Sometimes, millions of others… can’t.

… blablabla… yeah, anyways… point is… I, as a super-duper intelectual mind, recommend this book.