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How not to compose

Because I can’t write music like the old masters did, I always figure out a way of recording something that might sound interesting.

Unbennant (30)

Unbennant (22)

Unbennant (25)

Unbennant (27)

I’m not sure I’ll be able to reproduce the flute (ok, ok, recorder) thing ever again, but oh well.

Sometimes you’d better be happy having achieved something, even if it lasted just for a short while. And yes, I’m so lazy that apart from not finishing any of the tunes, they don’t even have names. I don’t think they’ll ever have.

(Curiosity corner: in Portuguese, the recorder is called the “sweet flute”. Aaww, how sweet! Bleh :P)


New idea

There are still a few band members to present (2 or 3), but I’m too shy and mostly lazy and disappointed with how I look like in a video.

But I had a new idea these days: I’ll (do my best to) record my favorite songs for different situations. It could be just “for a sad day” or “for a happy day” but that’s too cliché. I’ll try something different.

The initial idea was to simply publish the songs/compositions I like the most, but hey, I’m too young to be arrested and rot in jail. So I’ll give them my personal, swine touch: I’m sure that’s allowed.

Love and marriage
This picture has no real meaning, as it is just a small table decoration. So, giving myself a free psychological analysis: it could be perhaps a little japanese woman singing, with her sloppy husband/partner twisting and going crazy with the music. Nothing that people won’t do for money…
Ah! If they were a group, I would call them “Mr. and Mrs. Sowieso”. Cool, oder?

Like they say on TV:
Beijo, me liga! :P
“See you” next time, whoever you might be.


Lousy, loud… a heart breaker, really. The second member

Well in my defense, I can state that my right hand’s nails screw up a little bit when playing bass, ok?

“What do you have long nails in your right hand for, handsome?” Ouch. Wait a sec. The left hand is perfectly normal. And there’s a (hopefully) good reason for that. We’ll see tomorrow, maybe.

This time we had a better approach of something from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and something called Jefferson Airplane (more or less, I invent a lot), which is really groovy.

By the way, until now I’ve been merciful and you hadn’t heard any vocals. Let’s keep it like this as long as possible; I changed my mind. Let Carla Bruni do her job, I do mine, you do yours, and we are all happy and smiling and the birds sing and the world is beautiful and warm.


Introducing the band – first member

Alright, time to get disappointed. VERY disappointed.

But it’s worth a good laugh. Perhaps it was my intention, ok?

This is the result of watching 1969 Woodstock over and over and over again (though it’s been years since the last time I watched it). The band’s got some other influences, that will come up soon enough. For now, enjoy something that Hendrix played while people were cleaning up the festival, eating watermelons and finding dirty shoes in the mud. It’s a really nice DVD: Woodstock – 3 Days of Peace & Music.

PS: Hey, it’s a Kung Fu belt, ok?? :P :P :P


Well, the woman can sing… !

This is more like a Youtube test I’m performing for what’s coming up on the next few days. I’ve had a few (crazy as usual) ideas, let’s see what happens.

Oh, yeah, returning to the topic: she may be hated in France, she may have a strange past (and present) but oh my oh my, the woman can sing… and she’s so beautiful… poor monsieur Sarkozy, like he had a chance. It’s very intrigating, the miracles that EuroDisney can pull from time to time. No words…

A tiny spoiler: I feel like… singing??? Hope you have health insurance (with psychiatric coverage). You’ve been warned.


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