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Interesting and uninteresting: the awful truth

I really wanted to post something musical this time. Perhaps some other time, so the new strings can stretch properly. It’s going to be worth it. Promise.

For the time being, let’s talk about one of the inconveniences of life.

Young lad is admitted in the university. Goes to immatriculation nearly in his pijamas, signs papers, loses a bunch of hair here and there by the hand of those who call themselves seniors, has a fresh paint job both on his face and dispendable clothes, talks tough to some drunk bastard and watches the true miracle of bastard multiplication before finally rolling in the mud. Problem with bastards in general is that you feel like you can handle one, but a circular formation of seven might require a blood transfer in the end. And our young lad hates needles. At least these were very kind bastards and agreed to hold his backpack for a minute.

He walks out of there swiftly, but notices that some morons in his situation decide to stay in the cage. After all, they have free drinks and are eventually invited to do something embarassing or humiliating like jumping and rolling in the mud. But no regrets: otherwise the ambulance with paramedics parked right in front of the garden would be idle for the whole day.

Young muddy has a great sense of direction, and unadmittedly lucky enough, found some place where they seemed to have soft drinks for sale.

– Ah, hi. What can I do for you?

– Oh, hello. Ahhm… I was wondering if you have something to drink, you know, for sale and all.

– I see… well we only have beer. By the way, where did you come from? I haven’t seen you before.

– Aw I just got in engineering, and…

Hadn’t time to finish.

– Oh. Engineering eh? Sorry mate, we’re in psychology here.

“So what?”, thought muddy almost outloud. But the look on the guy’s face wasn’t very encouraging. Muddy decides to get the hell out of there: was feeling tired to talk tough to bastards all over again, and the absence of mud in the surroundings could possibly allow human cr(uelty)eativity to go even further.

Muddy lived through that day, against all odds. Despite the heavy gunfire and artillery. But learned a very valuable lesson: it’s not always a good idea to tell the truth about himself. Specially if the question is “what do you study?”. The term “engineering” has a variety of side-effects that are the most difficult to predict. Actually, too easy to predict.

Perhaps “journalism”, “law”, “biology” and even “chemistry” have benign influence on listeners. This is a social experiment under construction. Who knows, maybe a PhD thesis?



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