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Innsbruck: the unnoficial capital of Austria

Sooo… I decided I’ll write less. The “tutorial” from before was written in a moment where I felt this crazy, uncontrollable will to write. I’ve taken pills and feel much better now, thank you.
Another thing that has been debated inside here is that this’ll happen from the most present trips to the older ones. This way I won’t miss anything from my short term memory, and will have enough time to remember (invent) stuff for the older ones.

Tirolese hunters
Welcome to Innsbruck.

Carved in the middle of the Alps, there it is. Breathtaking view, no matter where you look: my beloved snowy mountains are all the way around!

Some other cornerI’ve heard more than once from different people (ok mostly germans) that Innsbruck has more of the austrian feel than Vienna. Vienna is more about art, and architecture, and music hopefully (don’t get me wrong here, Vienna must be so great to visit…). Innsbruck is more about… Tirol! Oh yeah, cheese, and weird accent no matter if you’re speaking Italian, German, or whatever, and smoked ham, and typical clothes, and a grey river, and flowers…

One thing that makes Innsbruck pretty awesome is the fact that it’s the only european historic city with a ski resort, all-in-one. It’s just the kind of offer you don’t see everyday through the glass windows of your favorite store! MAKE SURE, then, to drop by in the WINTER. Not like me. Dumb, dumb me.

This time you got me: I wasn’t alone. In fact I really don’t know if it would be a good idea to visit Innsbruck alone, anyone would probably get bored quite fast. At least, was my humble starter-traveler impression.
Well, you can get bored rather quickly if you travel alone to anywhere, but that’s a subject for another post. I’ll remember this issue, don’t worry.

Glass onion or glass bird?
Aahh! It may be a good idea to avoid the surroundings of the Swarovski dealer, downtown, if you have sisters and mothers and perhaps girlfriends in the perimeter. Man, they can spend their whole lives inside there!!?

Phew, now I can finish, needed a bit of cheap humor.

Next stop: Prague, Czech Republic.



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