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Great technologies result in extraordinary products

This is rather uncommon for this space, but oh well, here we go!

If you’re not aware, São Paulo (which happens to be the capital of the homonym state) (in Brazil) (and means Saint Paul, just like the capital of Minnesota) turned into one of the biggest and most important fashion poles on Earth. São Paulo Fashion Week features many famous stylists and fashion trademarks and whatsoever. I’m not really into fashion, so I beg your pardon for the lack of technical words and terms that would make all this blablabla much nicer to read.

And so it came to pass, that in São Paulo, these days, a new kind of lingerie was presented. “Woah” you might say. “WOAH” I said outloud, with no sarcasm or irony at all because I really enjoy the fashion world, as I started reading these news.

It’s… it’s… geez laweez…!! It’s a GPS tracked bra! How I’ve been looking for something like this!!!

Now I’ll be able to keep track of the moves every single one of my… many girlfriends make! So amazing! Thank you, US military, for making GPS satellites free for civillian use!

Or… but this is a big, big secret: I can finally keep track of my own moves, while wearing something comfy :)

PS: No picture this time. You see, I’ve searched flickr a little bit for “underwear”, “lingerie” and whatever. I’ll admit I found, khm, pretty good material *cough*, but also alternative stuff like men wearing… GAAH ok, I really don’t want to talk about this! For the safe side, so I can keep the age rating for my dear journal… NO PICTURES OF BARELY NAKED PEOPLE.