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Spring, Frühling, Primavera

I’m going through my second spring this year. Already had two winters, so I guess it’s quite fair.

Hm, wait… I’m gonna miss fall. Well, fall is nothing special around here, unfortunately. When it comes, I’ll write about it. Actually, we don’t really have different seasons. It’s more like dry season, and wet season. But ok ok, enough.

Spring in Austria

Wait again, I’m not finished! Was actually wondering, what does “spring” mean. Well, as a stupid foreigner and almost a bachelor (in both meanings of the word), all “spring” reminds me is a spring, you know, that spiral usually made of metal that helps Coyote jump his way after Roadrunner, Speed Racer jump across dead ends, your pen to slide out of it’s case…

“Frühling”… hm… germans love to chop words in tiny pieces. So it could be an early “ling”. What? Or, maybe, could mean something like “Lernling” (apprentice), like… something dependable from somewhat else; not really inferior, but something in between. Yes, probably in between.

“Primavera”. “Prima” means hopefully first in Latin. “Vera” could be something related to truth (favorite example: in vino veritas). In Italian they say “è vero” (that’s true) until these days. So in this quick, engineering pre-analysis, it could be “beginning of truth”. Not bad, considering that only during summer nature glows in an explosion of true life, color, beauty. Spring is just the step in between.

Perhaps, eye-for-an-eye, the best word would be Primaverafrühling. This way it’s more complete :).

Spring? Just a piece of twisted metal, sorry!!