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Lousy, loud… a heart breaker, really. The second member

Well in my defense, I can state that my right hand’s nails screw up a little bit when playing bass, ok?

“What do you have long nails in your right hand for, handsome?” Ouch. Wait a sec. The left hand is perfectly normal. And there’s a (hopefully) good reason for that. We’ll see tomorrow, maybe.

This time we had a better approach of something from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and something called Jefferson Airplane (more or less, I invent a lot), which is really groovy.

By the way, until now I’ve been merciful and you hadn’t heard any vocals. Let’s keep it like this as long as possible; I changed my mind. Let Carla Bruni do her job, I do mine, you do yours, and we are all happy and smiling and the birds sing and the world is beautiful and warm.