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Authory: unknown, unfortunately

One day, the following painting crossed my path:


The picture does not show, put there were around 25 other paintings pretty close to this one, hanging on the very same wall. Still, my eyes found this guy and paralyzed. Then I paralyzed. Must have looked very stupid, so suddenly.

It could and could not be a person. If you want, you can see little happy (and also unhappy) faces all over it.

I particularly liked the following idea: it’s someone plaing the cello. Yes, the cello would be floating. And yes, it would be supported by a tiny, yet smiling head. The three little arcs, upper left, would be hair. Well, and so on.

Another 5 minutes standing there, and here we go: could be also the same guy showering. His right hand is unusually huge, I’ll give you that; the left one is just hanging out up there, so he can wash his armpit with the biggest soap ever made by human race. Forcing even more, the explanation for the black “dots” all over the painting would be… bubbles. Never forget, also, that this guy doesn’t seem to enjoy the shower a lot.

Not too long ago, I would only say “bah” and ignore such a thing. But now, I can really spend a lifetime trying to catch any trace of meaning the painter might have wanted to express. Or maybe, any trace of meaning trapped in my own mind.

Disturbed, or peaceful. Lonely, or cheerful. Music playing, or soccer playing. So many antagonic possibilities. With so few colors and forms. How can something like this amaze me?

What to say about the half-lady on the left? Maybe she’s not there only by mistake of the photographer. Or maybe was the only picture that came out good. But then he would have cropped the image. Right?