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Alright, a description.
First, an offense to Johann Sebastian Bach’s La Bourée. Right afterwards, I noticed it would be kind of nice to use the last note to pull off Heitor Villa-Lobos’ Étude #1.
Thank you, Claire, for the compliments. I can do much better, though! I get nervous with cameras, last part was too “shaky” even for someone of my level :P

PS: Making frames with my fingers was completely unecessary, I know. But… so is life.
PS’: Girly, long fingernails on the right hand, and an obsession for the shortest possible fingernails on the left hand: not only helps a lot, it is necessary!!


What tongueless ghost of sin crept through my curtains?

Here comes the sun

Sailing on a sea of sweat in a stormy night?

I think he ain’t got a name but I can’t be certain…
And in me he starts to confide:

That my family don’t seem so familiar, and my enemies all know my name; And if you hear me tap on your window, you’d better get on your knees and pray: panic is on the wAAAAaaaaaaaay (yyyy)…


about teaching and being taught

A few months ago, I finally noticed that it’s good to form opinions about stuff. More important than simply having them… it’s essential to build your own. But it’s also essential to respect every other opinion, without giving in, though: disagreeing without being rude is perhaps the greatest virtue a person can have.

Recent experiences made me believe that teachers have to have talent. It’s a mixture of charisma, instantaneous empathy, patience, intelligence. Being a true genius doesn’t mean you’re able to teach well. Generally, it means exactly the opposite.

I’ll be tested in a very special way tomorrow. All the pressure is on me, though, as usual… as always. The weight of the world is (hopefully) a healthy exercise for my back. My mind threw the white towel.

Phone just rang. Told me I would surely do well. It’s not the first time I hear that… actually, I think it’s the second.


8 photographers, 8 cities, 24 hours, 1 phone

As originally posted to my Facebook profile, originally doing free marketing for Motorola and another phone that surely takes better pictures than my best friend (my darling 2gb music-playing-phone with a big calendar, also known as “all that I’ll ever need inside my pocket”).

But hey, the idea of the site is awesome. It’s a true pity that someone more popular than myself didn’t post it on Facebook: I’m kinda sure that nobody took a look :( there are also a pair of nice videos…

I’m personally fascinated by each and every city mentioned on the site (ok, not so much about my own): Mexico City, New York, São Paulo, London, Moscow, Mumbai, Beijing and Sydney.

Most interesting is that it’s always possible to guess which city is on each picture; when not, it leads to delightful and unexpected mistakes.

Futuristic São Paulo

Ah, for all of you that think of São Paulo as huge, with modern bridges and actually modern buildings and more to cars than just old VW Beetles, this is something to… make your point when talking to your friends.


Exploring possibilities

Is it possible to miss someone you don’t know?
Someone who wasn’t even born yet?

To miss in anticipation… or to miss too late?

Yes… yes, yes, it is.

New theme for “the guide”. Yay WordPress. Yay first post with new design. Yay me and my delusional disorder (there’s no such thing as “creativity” for the likes of me). Is philosophy the art of asking questions, or the art of looking for the answer?
Good night…


Snow x rain

I had a very clear dream, last night. I dreamed of my window, and thick snowflakes falling outside. The world was black and white again. Felt so strange, but so real at the same time.

When I woke up, turned out it was only rain. Very thick rain drops.

Right… of course. Snow makes no sound: each flake gently lands on the ground/roof/someone’s hand or face, silently. But, during a heavy fall, I get so excited like it was the biggest event I’ve ever seen: it’s like a music concert.

Snow is a rock concert.

Rain, on the other hand, is a noisy and wet experience: the slightest drops drive everyone away. But I never feel like running. Rain helps to find my own peace: it silences me, something not trivial.

Rain is an orchestra playing a requiem for me. Except that I’m technically not dead yet.

I thought of a picture to publish with this one, but it’s not mine, so, wouldn’t be fair.


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