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about doing stuff the hard way

People usually have objectives to achieve. Not many, maybe one or two (three?), but they all have.

Some people set possible targets, and very often get to them sooner or later; it is satisfying for everyone involved in the process.

But what if someone sets their standards too high in the sky?

The funny thing is that such a being would take interesting steps throughout the way, accomplishing what many would think impossible in a vain effort of getting a little bit closer to their dream.

In the end, they will have unraveled a humongous amount of mystery and conquered a respectful bunch of what was thought to be absolutely impossible.

But the feeling of incompetence… for never having been able to jump that extra inch higher (which was the big idea since the beginning), will prevent them from  acknowledging every single one of their other victories.


o tempo vai passar…

O tempo vai passar,

Os anos vão confirmar

As três palavras que eu proferi:

Amigo estou aqui.


Contest: what’s the worst invention ever?

This is intended to specially disappoint those who, childishly, think I’m uncapable of feeling angry, sour or outraged (or all of the mentioned).

Please consider your utmost feelings while choosing your answer. Thank you.



s5005438bWhen I took this one, I felt lonely. Rome is the kind of place that could be better if visited with company.

The picture still looks great, though. To be honest, I almost can’t remember being there anymore: seems too unreal.


about teaching and being taught

A few months ago, I finally noticed that it’s good to form opinions about stuff. More important than simply having them… it’s essential to build your own. But it’s also essential to respect every other opinion, without giving in, though: disagreeing without being rude is perhaps the greatest virtue a person can have.

Recent experiences made me believe that teachers have to have talent. It’s a mixture of charisma, instantaneous empathy, patience, intelligence. Being a true genius doesn’t mean you’re able to teach well. Generally, it means exactly the opposite.

I’ll be tested in a very special way tomorrow. All the pressure is on me, though, as usual… as always. The weight of the world is (hopefully) a healthy exercise for my back. My mind threw the white towel.

Phone just rang. Told me I would surely do well. It’s not the first time I hear that… actually, I think it’s the second.


Snow x rain

I had a very clear dream, last night. I dreamed of my window, and thick snowflakes falling outside. The world was black and white again. Felt so strange, but so real at the same time.

When I woke up, turned out it was only rain. Very thick rain drops.

Right… of course. Snow makes no sound: each flake gently lands on the ground/roof/someone’s hand or face, silently. But, during a heavy fall, I get so excited like it was the biggest event I’ve ever seen: it’s like a music concert.

Snow is a rock concert.

Rain, on the other hand, is a noisy and wet experience: the slightest drops drive everyone away. But I never feel like running. Rain helps to find my own peace: it silences me, something not trivial.

Rain is an orchestra playing a requiem for me. Except that I’m technically not dead yet.

I thought of a picture to publish with this one, but it’s not mine, so, wouldn’t be fair.


Another refurbished one

twist the sky

How should silence be interpreted?
a pair of shoes in front of the door
a smile is now dessacrated
I’m not running anymore

To look at a window which is long gone
to walk up a hill when I’m done
to look at a window, that leads to a wall
to walk down the hill, the window is too small.

The hall is now empty
the shoes are anymore
now I wonder what happened
if the problem was the shoe store.

The window got small
but for a pair of tiny shoes
not too small after all.