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Contest: what’s the worst invention ever?

This is intended to specially disappoint those who, childishly, think I’m uncapable of feeling angry, sour or outraged (or all of the mentioned).

Please consider your utmost feelings while choosing your answer. Thank you.



s5005438bWhen I took this one, I felt lonely. Rome is the kind of place that could be better if visited with company.

The picture still looks great, though. To be honest, I almost can’t remember being there anymore: seems too unreal.


8 photographers, 8 cities, 24 hours, 1 phone

As originally posted to my Facebook profile, originally doing free marketing for Motorola and another phone that surely takes better pictures than my best friend (my darling 2gb music-playing-phone with a big calendar, also known as “all that I’ll ever need inside my pocket”).

But hey, the idea of the site is awesome. It’s a true pity that someone more popular than myself didn’t post it on Facebook: I’m kinda sure that nobody took a look :( there are also a pair of nice videos…

I’m personally fascinated by each and every city mentioned on the site (ok, not so much about my own): Mexico City, New York, São Paulo, London, Moscow, Mumbai, Beijing and Sydney.

Most interesting is that it’s always possible to guess which city is on each picture; when not, it leads to delightful and unexpected mistakes.

Futuristic São Paulo

Ah, for all of you that think of São Paulo as huge, with modern bridges and actually modern buildings and more to cars than just old VW Beetles, this is something to… make your point when talking to your friends.


Authory: unknown, unfortunately

One day, the following painting crossed my path:


The picture does not show, put there were around 25 other paintings pretty close to this one, hanging on the very same wall. Still, my eyes found this guy and paralyzed. Then I paralyzed. Must have looked very stupid, so suddenly.

It could and could not be a person. If you want, you can see little happy (and also unhappy) faces all over it.

I particularly liked the following idea: it’s someone plaing the cello. Yes, the cello would be floating. And yes, it would be supported by a tiny, yet smiling head. The three little arcs, upper left, would be hair. Well, and so on.

Another 5 minutes standing there, and here we go: could be also the same guy showering. His right hand is unusually huge, I’ll give you that; the left one is just hanging out up there, so he can wash his armpit with the biggest soap ever made by human race. Forcing even more, the explanation for the black “dots” all over the painting would be… bubbles. Never forget, also, that this guy doesn’t seem to enjoy the shower a lot.

Not too long ago, I would only say “bah” and ignore such a thing. But now, I can really spend a lifetime trying to catch any trace of meaning the painter might have wanted to express. Or maybe, any trace of meaning trapped in my own mind.

Disturbed, or peaceful. Lonely, or cheerful. Music playing, or soccer playing. So many antagonic possibilities. With so few colors and forms. How can something like this amaze me?

What to say about the half-lady on the left? Maybe she’s not there only by mistake of the photographer. Or maybe was the only picture that came out good. But then he would have cropped the image. Right?


Chasing the flame

Schedule is tightening up for important stuff, and I’m getting lazier by the hour, to do them. This makes me feel confused and strange, and sorry for not being in the mood to play any music at all… like I sort of promised.

Well, as time is not an issue, these days I finally paid an outrageous amount of money for a book, after ages waiting for it to come out translated: it just took too long, and I bought it in English.

Chasing the flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the fight to save the world is a biography written by the awarded journalist Samantha Power. She had the opportunity to meet the man who would very, very probably be Kofi Annan’s substitute.

I haven’t read much yet (go back to the first paragraph to know why), but this is a book I’ll surely read to the end. Soon.

For some time already, this inexplicable curiosity and admiration and delight about diplomacy has awaken inside of me. I can’t tell what the hell does this mean, as I can’t really explain what on Earth is going on: I’m terrible with words.

But I really want to learn more about the life of someone who’s been said to be one of the most charismatic, pragmatic and passionate diplomats of all time. Someone who’s seen the worst and the best of the world, and never felt satisfied with hipocrisy, lies or, unfortunately, just vicious will.

Sometimes one person can change something. Sometimes, millions of others… can’t.

… blablabla… yeah, anyways… point is… I, as a super-duper intelectual mind, recommend this book.


Great technologies result in extraordinary products

This is rather uncommon for this space, but oh well, here we go!

If you’re not aware, São Paulo (which happens to be the capital of the homonym state) (in Brazil) (and means Saint Paul, just like the capital of Minnesota) turned into one of the biggest and most important fashion poles on Earth. São Paulo Fashion Week features many famous stylists and fashion trademarks and whatsoever. I’m not really into fashion, so I beg your pardon for the lack of technical words and terms that would make all this blablabla much nicer to read.

And so it came to pass, that in São Paulo, these days, a new kind of lingerie was presented. “Woah” you might say. “WOAH” I said outloud, with no sarcasm or irony at all because I really enjoy the fashion world, as I started reading these news.

It’s… it’s… geez laweez…!! It’s a GPS tracked bra! How I’ve been looking for something like this!!!

Now I’ll be able to keep track of the moves every single one of my… many girlfriends make! So amazing! Thank you, US military, for making GPS satellites free for civillian use!

Or… but this is a big, big secret: I can finally keep track of my own moves, while wearing something comfy :)

PS: No picture this time. You see, I’ve searched flickr a little bit for “underwear”, “lingerie” and whatever. I’ll admit I found, khm, pretty good material *cough*, but also alternative stuff like men wearing… GAAH ok, I really don’t want to talk about this! For the safe side, so I can keep the age rating for my dear journal… NO PICTURES OF BARELY NAKED PEOPLE.


New idea

There are still a few band members to present (2 or 3), but I’m too shy and mostly lazy and disappointed with how I look like in a video.

But I had a new idea these days: I’ll (do my best to) record my favorite songs for different situations. It could be just “for a sad day” or “for a happy day” but that’s too cliché. I’ll try something different.

The initial idea was to simply publish the songs/compositions I like the most, but hey, I’m too young to be arrested and rot in jail. So I’ll give them my personal, swine touch: I’m sure that’s allowed.

Love and marriage
This picture has no real meaning, as it is just a small table decoration. So, giving myself a free psychological analysis: it could be perhaps a little japanese woman singing, with her sloppy husband/partner twisting and going crazy with the music. Nothing that people won’t do for money…
Ah! If they were a group, I would call them “Mr. and Mrs. Sowieso”. Cool, oder?

Like they say on TV:
Beijo, me liga! :P
“See you” next time, whoever you might be.


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