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about doing stuff the hard way

People usually have objectives to achieve. Not many, maybe one or two (three?), but they all have.

Some people set possible targets, and very often get to them sooner or later; it is satisfying for everyone involved in the process.

But what if someone sets their standards too high in the sky?

The funny thing is that such a being would take interesting steps throughout the way, accomplishing what many would think impossible in a vain effort of getting a little bit closer to their dream.

In the end, they will have unraveled a humongous amount of mystery and conquered a respectful bunch of what was thought to be absolutely impossible.

But the feeling of incompetence… for never having been able to jump that extra inch higher (which was the big idea since the beginning), will prevent them from  acknowledging every single one of their other victories.


Exploring possibilities

Is it possible to miss someone you don’t know?
Someone who wasn’t even born yet?

To miss in anticipation… or to miss too late?

Yes… yes, yes, it is.

New theme for “the guide”. Yay WordPress. Yay first post with new design. Yay me and my delusional disorder (there’s no such thing as “creativity” for the likes of me). Is philosophy the art of asking questions, or the art of looking for the answer?
Good night…


I like it. Maybe you’ll like it too.

Hint: download my pic (it’s possible if you click on it and go to flickr), rotate it as you like and voilá, a cool wallpaper for your computer.
Here comes the sun


About being like the postman

This is an early release. I don’t have a picture that fits, or a song. Hey this has a good chance of becoming a song.

Eu não sou ninguém.
Sou como o carteiro.
“Quem é?”
“Não é ninguém, é o carteiro!”
O carteiro não é ninguém, mas importante.
Eu não sou ninguém, nem importante.
Pra alguém.


Another refurbished one

twist the sky

How should silence be interpreted?
a pair of shoes in front of the door
a smile is now dessacrated
I’m not running anymore

To look at a window which is long gone
to walk up a hill when I’m done
to look at a window, that leads to a wall
to walk down the hill, the window is too small.

The hall is now empty
the shoes are anymore
now I wonder what happened
if the problem was the shoe store.

The window got small
but for a pair of tiny shoes
not too small after all.


Spring, Frühling, Primavera

I’m going through my second spring this year. Already had two winters, so I guess it’s quite fair.

Hm, wait… I’m gonna miss fall. Well, fall is nothing special around here, unfortunately. When it comes, I’ll write about it. Actually, we don’t really have different seasons. It’s more like dry season, and wet season. But ok ok, enough.

Spring in Austria

Wait again, I’m not finished! Was actually wondering, what does “spring” mean. Well, as a stupid foreigner and almost a bachelor (in both meanings of the word), all “spring” reminds me is a spring, you know, that spiral usually made of metal that helps Coyote jump his way after Roadrunner, Speed Racer jump across dead ends, your pen to slide out of it’s case…

“Frühling”… hm… germans love to chop words in tiny pieces. So it could be an early “ling”. What? Or, maybe, could mean something like “Lernling” (apprentice), like… something dependable from somewhat else; not really inferior, but something in between. Yes, probably in between.

“Primavera”. “Prima” means hopefully first in Latin. “Vera” could be something related to truth (favorite example: in vino veritas). In Italian they say “è vero” (that’s true) until these days. So in this quick, engineering pre-analysis, it could be “beginning of truth”. Not bad, considering that only during summer nature glows in an explosion of true life, color, beauty. Spring is just the step in between.

Perhaps, eye-for-an-eye, the best word would be Primaverafrühling. This way it’s more complete :).

Spring? Just a piece of twisted metal, sorry!!


About looking in someone’s eyes

Well, I guess a more proper picture makes it worthy republishing.
Sorry for the lack of creativity… I, I just… nah, forget it… … (sigh).

Anyone's eyeI remember the feeling, of looking in your eyes. While you were looking into mine.
Lights were pale, we inhaled only smoke and no air.
Still, we were there.
I saw inside of you. I’ve been there, in the immensitude of your eyes. I felt lost in an infinite sea. Lost, but never afraid. Something insistently kept me from drowning. For the first time.
And you’ve been here. You’ve stepped in a room that didn’t even exist. You knocked on a door, completely forgotten within shadow and darkness.
Blew the dust away, and found someone.
Someone who never had a face. Until then.
It was… you.
And in your eyes, a tiny version of me. And in my eyes, a tiny version of you.


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