8 photographers, 8 cities, 24 hours, 1 phone


As originally posted to my Facebook profile, originally doing free marketing for Motorola and another phone that surely takes better pictures than my best friend (my darling 2gb music-playing-phone with a big calendar, also known as “all that I’ll ever need inside my pocket”).

But hey, the idea of the site is awesome. It’s a true pity that someone more popular than myself didn’t post it on Facebook: I’m kinda sure that nobody took a look :( there are also a pair of nice videos…

I’m personally fascinated by each and every city mentioned on the site (ok, not so much about my own): Mexico City, New York, São Paulo, London, Moscow, Mumbai, Beijing and Sydney.

Most interesting is that it’s always possible to guess which city is on each picture; when not, it leads to delightful and unexpected mistakes.

Futuristic São Paulo

Ah, for all of you that think of São Paulo as huge, with modern bridges and actually modern buildings and more to cars than just old VW Beetles, this is something to… make your point when talking to your friends.


1 Response to “8 photographers, 8 cities, 24 hours, 1 phone”

  1. December 1, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Ah.. I wish I could just fly to São Paulo right now.
    I need to get out ! :(

    And that’s a really awesome idea.

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