New idea

There are still a few band members to present (2 or 3), but I’m too shy and mostly lazy and disappointed with how I look like in a video.

But I had a new idea these days: I’ll (do my best to) record my favorite songs for different situations. It could be just “for a sad day” or “for a happy day” but that’s too cliché. I’ll try something different.

The initial idea was to simply publish the songs/compositions I like the most, but hey, I’m too young to be arrested and rot in jail. So I’ll give them my personal, swine touch: I’m sure that’s allowed.

Love and marriage
This picture has no real meaning, as it is just a small table decoration. So, giving myself a free psychological analysis: it could be perhaps a little japanese woman singing, with her sloppy husband/partner twisting and going crazy with the music. Nothing that people won’t do for money…
Ah! If they were a group, I would call them “Mr. and Mrs. Sowieso”. Cool, oder?

Like they say on TV:
Beijo, me liga! :P
“See you” next time, whoever you might be.


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