The art of making people smile – 1

Fernando lines up, like everyone else, for a standard anti-bomb verification on the entrance of the party.
Huge, tough, smile-to-me-and-die-instantly black security guy gives a look. With a slight “come to me” finger movement, chooses his pray. Boy looks like a goddam menace after all.

“So… should I maybe empty my pockets, you know, take all my knives and bombs out?”
“Young man, relax… I’m gonna have to put my hands all over this delicious body of yours anyway, don’t worry.” Sarcasm visible through thin air.
Starts patting legs. Interesting to mention that Fernando was wearing very annoying 1000-pocket trousers, particularly amusing for the situation.
“Man, I could get used to this stuff!”
“Ok I’m done, go before you ask my phone number…”
“Hmm, maybe next time then?”
“Oh next time I’m gonna charge you for that!”
“Thank you, have a nice evening!”
Tough guy laughs. Finally. I was already running out of options.

Now, back to the usual, quiet, nearly dead, self. Myself.
Mission accomplished.


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